Patient Stories


On this page, you will find many different stories taken directly from Dr. Hansen’s patient files. As Dr. Hansen tells the stories of these patients, you will very likely recognize many of your own symptoms and health concerns and learn how they can be completely resolved with natural supplements and Bio-Identical Hormones. If you start early enough, we can help you prevent the signs of aging that typically accompany it.

Patient Stories

1. Menopause Madness - Must Read Story: Kindle (Age 52)

2. Testosterone is for Men & Women: Restoring your levels can make you feel great, love great, look younger and live longer!

3. Hormonal Weight Gain - Why You Need Bioidentical Hormones

4. ESTRACE® (Estradiol) WARNINGS for Women in Menopause – Carla’s Story

5. Kathrine’s Story: Menopause - Multiple Hormone Deficiency Syndrome