Optimal Health Assessments & Specialized Lab Tests


Dr. Hansen has worked for years to find the most accurate and important lab tests available anywhere in the world in order to accurately measure your health status and track your progress to Optimal Health.

These tests will identify or confirm the deficiencies and excesses that exist in your endocrine or other systems and allow comparison testing to determine the correct treatment dose for each patient. Unfortunately, most doctors are not skilled in the use of Nutritional Medicine or Bio-Identical Hormones and therefore do not order these tests at all or only occasionally. Consequently, these tests can be expensive and most labs do not offer them or have not developed the scientific methodology necessary to perform them accurately and reliably. For these reasons, Dr. Hansen insists on only using the labs he has specified.

COMING: Dr. Hansen is developing a system that will enable you to order many of these lab tests online and receive an automated explanation of the results. However, a diagnosis and prescription cannot be given for online lab test orders. These can only be given to patients who come in to the Clinic to see Dr. Hansen personally.